The Industrial Clusters brings together the operational functions of 6 activity zones. It is managed by a subsidiary: Tanger Med Zones is responsible for the planning, development, and management of Tanger Free Zone, Tanger Automotive City, Tetouan Shore, Renault Tanger Med, Tetouan Park, and Fnideq Economic Activity Zone.

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Tanger Med activity zones

Tanger Free Zone (TFZ) began operations in 1999 and has grown significantly over a 440 HA land base. In addition to the significant national incentives in place, TFZ combines notable strengths:
geographical location, adapted marketing model (sale of land and rental of ready-to-use warehouses), competitive service offer. It is home to world leaders in the automotive, aeronautics, electronics, textile, logistics, services and tertiary sectors, etc.

  • Area: 440 HA
  • Profile: General free zone
  • Activity: Automotive, aeronautics, textiles, electronics, agri-business, etc.
  • Start up: 1999
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Located 2 km from the Tanger Med Renault plant, this business park covers an area of 500 HA and is primarily focused on the automotive industry (equipment manufacturers, logistics operators, subcontractors, and industry-related services). In addition, its competitive advantages provide a significant basis for development: a network of equipment manufacturers firmly established in the region, the proximity of the Renault Tanger Med, a logistics facility with optimal connectivity and considerable regional potential.

  • Area: 500 HA, at Profile date: A free zone dedicated to the automotive industry, located 2 km from the Tanger Med Renault plant
  • Activity: Automotive
  • Start up: 2013
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Officially opened in February 2012 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Renault Tanger Med plant is a pillar of the Renault Group’s industrial facilities worldwide. With a capacity of 340 000 vehicles, it is equipped with two production lines and operates in three complete shifts. It produces at a rate that meets the large national and international demand for several Dacia models: Sandero, Dokker and Lodgy, in their classic and Stepway versions.

The Renault Tanger Med plant also contributes to Renault Group’s strategy of minimizing its environmental impact. It is the first plant in the world to aim for carbon neutrality and avoid the discharge of industrial liquids.


Tetouan Park, a general industrial and logistics park, primarily hosts activities targeting the national market.
Developed on a 156-hectare plot of land, laid out in 5 sections, including 3 sections already serviced and adjacent to the expressway linking Tangier to Tetouan, the zone is dedicated to SMEs and SMIs and to all businesses in the following sectors: light industry and manufacturing, trade, and logistics.
This business park aims to diversify and boost the socio-economic activity of the region and complement the Tanger Med Industrial Platform’s offer from several angles: a business park in a taxable area, a new employment pool, and a segment of industrialists targeting both the national and international markets.

  • Area: 156 HA
  • Profile: Industrial zone
  • Activity: Light industry and manufacturing, trade and logistics
  • Start up: 2015

Pursuant to the increased demand from investors and the commercialization of about 80% of the existing surface, the realization of a 4th phase proved indispensable; launched in partnership with FONZID, MCA, and MCC Morocco.

image_zone Set up in Tetouan Park

20 HA, Area dedicated to outsourcing, offshoring, retail, and services

The “Tetouan Shore” service area located in the province of Tetouan, offers rental buildings and offices for offshoring service companies, such as NTT DATA and Myopla.

This business park offers a platform dedicated to ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing), BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing).

  • Area: 20 HA
  • Profile: Outsourcing and service area
  • Activity: Offshoring, BPO, ITO, CRM
  • Start up: 2012
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Largest Retail Park in North Africa

With an area of 70 HA, the new Commercial zone at Cabo Negro. The first 30 HA phase was delivered in April 2022.
The first installation in the area is for the world’s leading furniture and home decor company “IKEA” on an area measuring more than 3 HA with 19,000 m² of covered space, which has already begun construction, with a planned opening in 2022.
The central area of the new commercial zone has been allocated to an outlet project on a 10 HA area, expandable to 20 HA, dedicated to consumer trade. Like the large international outlets, this project will provide a new shopping experience in the north of the Kingdom, with the installation of international clothing and accessories brands. The facilities will also include leisure areas, playgrounds, restaurants, etc…

Furthermore, this project aims to support tourism activity through the creation of a shopping and recreational destination, capable of balancing the seasonality and complementing the seaside activity of the region.

image_zone Settle in the commercial area located between Tetouan and M'diq

94 HA, Free trade and logistics zone

The first of its kind at the national level and located about twenty kilometers from the leading port of Africa and the Mediterranean, Fnideq Economic Activity Zone is fully equipped with infrastructure and equipment to meet international standards. The first phase of this project, covering an area of 10 ha, consists of 76 warehouses in addition to all the amenities and common facilities necessary for its operation. It represents a modern and adapted solution for trade and commerce operations.

image_zone Set up in the Fnideq business park