Tanger Med Foundation, an initiative in the heart of the territory

Tanger Med Foundation consolidates TMSA’s strategy of social responsibility and sustainable development. Created in May 2007, Tanger Med Foundation supports, implements and accompanies initiatives in the Tanger-Tétouan region by working on structuring projects in partnership with local communities, government institutions, and local associations. The Foundation’s initiatives are primarily focused on the areas of education, health, training and integration, basic infrastructure, and socio-cultural activities.

As part of the Group’s CSR policy, the Foundation completes the scope of the Group’s activities, notably in the area of social initiatives, and brings together the efforts undertaken in the territories where it operates.

Main projects

  • LYMED, the high school of excellence in the northern region
  • 1337 Med, the 3rd coding school in Morocco in partnership with OCP
  • Construction and upgrading of rural schools
  • Construction of preschool units
  • Provision of classrooms for children with special needs
  • Distribution of textbooks and school supplies
  • Tanger Med Prize for the top high school graduates
  • School Transportation
  • Eco-schools
  • Art workshops

  • Fahs Anjra’s professional development and integration platform for young people

  • Medical mobile clinics
  • Strengthening of health facilities (Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity local medical center, Ksar Sghir hemodialysis center)
  • Hearing Screening and Hearing Aid Delivery for the Hearing Impaired

  • Program to connect the douars bordering Tanger Med Port Complex to the drinking water network
  • Construction of the Louiyed mosque in Ksar Al Majaz
  • Solid waste management
  • Development of roads and access to douars

  • Dalia “Clean Beach” Program
  • Program to assist in the socio-professional integration of people with disabilities
  • Training and skill building center for women in Ksar Al Majaz
  • Proximity center of Melloussa
  • IGAs and women’s cooperatives
  • School libraries
  • Support for local events (environment, culture, art, sports, etc.)

Tanger Med Foundation’s intervention area