Energy is at the heart of Tanger Med Group’s Sustainable Development strategy

Committed to the national strategy of reducing dependence on fossil fuels, Tanger Med Group is contributing on its own scale to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, in line with national and international efforts to address the climate emergency. To support this approach, Tanger Med Group has defined an energy strategy that aims to achieve 100% zero carbon by 2030 through the implementation of 4 strategic focus areas and 2 levers to accelerate the energy transition.

4 key focus areas of intervention

  • Supply of green electricity to all users of the Tanger Med ecosystem.
  • Energy efficiency, to control energy demand and optimize energy consumption in the Tanger Med area.
  • Transition to sustainable mobility, by putting 100% electric service vehicles on the road at the Tanger Med Port Complex and setting up a suitable infrastructure to support the transition to sustainable hydrogen.
  • Establishment of an ecosystem conducive to a circular economy, allowing the recovery and optimization of waste and wastewater while preserving the environment.

2 acceleration levers

  • Accelerating the energy transition of the Tanger Med ecosystem, through the implementation of integrated expertise and innovative solutions with Tanger Med’s industrial partners.
  • Support for innovation, through experimentation and research into new clean energy solutions.

Key focus areas of intervention


Decarbonized energy supply

To achieve carbon neutrality, Tanger Med is committed to producing electricity from renewable resources by developing local photovoltaic and wind power plants at the Port and in Industrial platform. In this context, Tanger Med has already initiated an energy transition process for its buildings, with photovoltaic production on roofs (TMPC and others) with a total capacity of 1.9 MW.


Energy efficiency

Tanger Med is also committed to reducing the energy consumption of its industrial-port complex. As a result, the Group’s street lighting consumption has been reduced by 55% thanks to the widespread use of LED lighting in the port complex and in the industrial platform. Within this framework, Tanger Med Utilities plans to finance, build, and manage on behalf of its customers, photovoltaic parks with a total capacity of 11 Mw for the first phase of the project.


Sustainable mobility

Tanger Med Group is committed to actions in favor of sustainable mobility in order to meet the new environmental challenges of renewable energy. As part of this approach, Tanger Med Port Complex has integrated five Renault ZOE electric vehicles into its fleet in 2021, with the aim of having a fleet of 100% electric service vehicles by 2023.


Circular economy

The circular economy is in turn of great importance throughout the ecosystem, through the implementation of a collective waste management strategy for the industrial platform and Tanger Med Port Complex as well as the eco-responsible management of water. In this context, TMU has processed more than 2000 tons of waste at Tanger Med Port Complex and 355 tons of vessel waste in 2021.