30 June 2023


It’s been two years since the first class of LYMED students returned to school. A class that is now a source of pride for the school, given their commendable performance in the written entrance exams to France’s Grandes Écoles d’Ingénieurs.

Out of 48 students, 6 are eligible for the École Polytechnique (X), 4 for ENS ULM, Lyon, Paris Saclay, and Rennes, 33 for theMines-Ponts, 41 forthe Centrale-Supélec, and 100% eligibility for CCINP.

The results achieved by the 16 students from the Northern region also established the region as a center of ex- cellence. Of these, 2 are eligible for the École Polytechnique (X), 1 for the ENS Rennes, 13 for the Mines-Ponts, and 14 for the Centrale-Supélec.

These results are the fruit of the students’ sustained effort and hard work, not to mention the individualized and demanding support provided by the teaching teams. Their success also confirms the international recognition of Moroccan schools as training centers of excellence.

LYMED continues to closely track the preparation and progress of the oral exams, just before seeing its students take off for prestigious careers.

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