28 Apr 21

In the framework of the digitization of the Port Movement Authorization document (AMP) related to freight units, and following the analysis of the advantages and limitations of the different technologies and solutions to ensure the same purpose of the current use of the document. Tanger Med has adopted a technical solution based on RFID technology that respects the standards via a software solution integrated to the existing freight management system of Tanger Med.

It is a technical platform supporting the functional process of the digitization of the AMP (for the export flow in a first phase) and which allows:

1. Via a mobile application:
– programming of RFID tags
– consultation of unit details by scanning the RFID tag
– marking of the movements of the units at the control points
– detailed display of routes

2. Via a BackOffice Solution:
– editing of dashboards with visual monitoring of KPIs
– monitoring the location of units in real time
– editing the movement history of a freight unit
– management of areas and control points
– management of movement circuits
– circuit violation alerts
– generation of statistics and movement reports
– bidirectional synchronization with the freight management system