15 Feb 20

Tanger Med has extended its digital offer by implementing the ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) in its Port Community System to be submitted prior to the entry of goods into the European Union. Supply chain operators (at origin) will now be able to forward the ENS to the first customs office of entry to the European Union via Tanger Med Port Community System, prior to the arrival of goods in the EU.

Note that this declaration which is implemented by the European Commission is required by the Safety / Security measure ICS (Import Control System) for imports to the European Union.

The recovery of the MRN code (Movement Reference Number), a unique identifier assigned to each ENS after their validation and registration, is thus ensured by Tanger Med Port Community System. The implementation of this new digital service aims at improving the performance of the port and airport passage and more broadly of the logistics ecosystem and will provide operators more autonomy for the completion of export formalitie

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