30 Jul 2020


9 Jul 2020

Tanger Med Talks: Facilitation of Procedures: to accelerate the development of Morocco’s agri-business exports

Tanger Med organised on 09 July 2020 a High Level Talk under the theme “Facilitation of Procedures: to accelerate the development of Morocco’s agri-business exports” in partnership with all the key actors of the sector: TANGER MED, MOROCCO FOODEX, ONSSA, CUSTOMS, Agricultural Export Producers, Transport and Logistics Professionals.   This virtual conference is part of […]

9 Jun 2020

Tanger Med Talks : la digitalisation des opérations portuaires et logistique à Tanger Med

AU SERVICE DU RENFORCEMENT DE LA COMPETITIVITE DES OPERATEURS Tanger Med a organisé le 09 Juin un Talk sur l’importance de la digitalisation des ports et de la logistique, atouts clés pour le renforcement de la compétitivité. Le défi de la digitalisation repose sur des conditions clés comme l’adhésion au Port Community System (plateforme électronique […]

29 May 2020

Tanger Med partners with the initiative of the largest world ports

TO GUARANTEE THE CONTINUITY OF INTERNATIONAL SUPPLY CHAINS   Tanger Med, a world port hub, is partnering with the Port of Singapore initiative alongside the world’s major port hubs, such as Shanghai, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Long Beach, Busan etc, and co-signs an international agreement for the maintenance of international supply chains. Through this initiative, Tanger Med […]

Tanger med
8 May 2020


7 May 2020

Collaboration between the port authorities of Tanger Med and Algeciras bay

Continuity of import- export operations across the strait   In the current context of a global pandemic, the two port authorities of Tanger Med and Algeciras Bay, continue their respective port activities serving the national and international supply chains. Maritime connections between the two ports and daily ship rotations are ensured normally, and in particular […]

15 Feb 2020

Integration of the entry summary declaration into Tanger Med Port Community System

Tanger Med has extended its digital offer by implementing the ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) in its Port Community System to be submitted prior to the entry of goods into the European Union. Supply chain operators (at origin) will now be able to forward the ENS to the first customs office of entry to the European […]

22 Jan 2020

Digitization of agribusiness export certificates through Tanger Med port community system

Tanger Med has set up a paperless solution for the export process of agribusiness products originally from packaging stations throughout the Kingdom. From January 2020, the inspection certificate issued by FOODEX and the phytosanitary certificate issued by the ONSSA required for food exports are systematically integrated into Tanger Med Port Community System, and accessible to […]

Tanger med
20 Jan 2020


CP – TMPA – 2019 Port Activity Report

31 Oct 2019

Digitalization in Tanger Med: a new step forward for agri-business exports

In the framework of the dematerialization of Tanger Med’s service offer through the implementation in its portal “Port Community System” of various solutions to strengthen the logistic competitiveness of exporters, a new milestone has just been reached thanks to the partnership with Morocco Foodex for the facilitation of Moroccan exports of agri-food products. This new […]