28 May 2023


A new award was given to recognize the efforts to protect the environment, Tanger Med Foundation has just been awarded the prestigious”LALLA HASNAA LITTORAL DURABLE” Trophy for 2022.

Presided over by HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa, President of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, the awards ceremony took place on Sunday May 28th at the Hassan II International Center for Environmental Training in Bouknadel and included the awarding of 35 trophies to the best national initiatives contributing to the protection of coastal areas and oceans.

Tanger Med Foundation’s initiative to organize a device to help people with special needs into the water and support them was recognized. This 1st trophy was awarded under the category “Social and Environmental Responsibility of Organizations” and is dedicated to the initiatives of economic operators who have chosen to integrate an environmental, social, or economic approach that has a positive impact on the Moroccan coastline.

Furthermore, Tanger Med Foundation supported the Fnideq Champions for Underwater Sports Fishing and Environmental Protection (Association Champions Fnideq pêche sous-marine) in organizing a digital platform under the name: “Marine Morocco” (Maroc marin) dedicated to providing information and raising awareness about marine biodiversity in Morocco. This partnership was awarded a trophy in the “Protection and Enhancement of Natural Heritage” category, in recognition of the work carried out to improve knowledge of the coastline, and to preserve its biodiversity and fragile ecosystems.

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