1 April 2021

Service Platform

Public lighting networks
After the establishment of a Master Plan for Lighting Development in the port complex and the activity zones, based on photometric studies and audits of the various networks.

Moreover, in order to guarantee the main objective of an energy performance contract (EPC), namely energy efficiency, Tanger Med
Utilities (TMU) has replaced High Pressure Sodium luminaires with LED-type lights allowing energy savings up to 55%.

Remote management system of the public lighting network
Tanger Med Utilities (TMU) has also set up a Lighting Management System (LMS), which allows the control of the lighting system through the creation of personalized settings. Indeed, instead of leaving the luminaires permanently lit at full power, users can decide to decrease the luminous flow or put the luminaires on standby.
The remote management system also allows asset monitoring, maintenance and lighting networks’ performance indicators.

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