24 Dec 21

◆ The third 1337 Med campus, supported by Tanger Med Group, in partnership with Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and 42 School, will open its doors in January 2022 in the Tetouan Shore business area, near Cabo Negro.
◆ The 2,000-m² campus will house 3 clusters, equipped with 210 state-of-the-art iMACs as well as leisure and meeting areas.
◆ Located in the heart of an industrial ecosystem, faced with strong digital transformation challenges, the 1337 school aims to train nearly 650 new students on the new campus.

Building on the success of the two School 1337 campuses located in Khouribga and Benguerir opened in 2018 and 2019 respectively, Tanger Med Group is carrying, through its Foundation, the creation of a third campus in partnership with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and the 42 Coding School.


Located 1 hour from Tangier and close to Cabo Negro, the third 1337 campus covers an area of 2,000 m² spread over 2 levels. The different spaces have been designed in keeping with the DNA of the Khouribga and Ben Guérir campuses and offer collaborative, flexible spaces, steeped in geek culture, in addition to 12,000 m² of sports facilities.
The campus will house 3 clusters of more than 730 m², equipped with 210 iMACs of the latest generation, connected to a dedicated internet access service, as well as very high-capacity storage servers, at the cutting edge of technology.
Two 300 m² leisure areas equipped with pool tables, ping pong and game consoles are also available to students: enabling them to disconnect for a while from the world of coding, and to create links between peers.

The Meet-up, an exchange ideal place , will allow students and guests of the school to meet, exchange and debate on innovative and technological subjects with professionals of the field. It is also a space for brainstorming and collaboration to bring out new ideas from startups or organize workshops at the initiative of the school’s various clubs. With a capacity of 100 seats, the space offers modular forms and has a fully equipped control room.

Tanger Med, with the technical and pedagogical support of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, will deploy in the region a training program in IT development that is totally free of charge, accessible to all, without any prerequisite of diploma or computer knowledge, and open 24/7.
There are no lectures, no teachers, and no books. The 42 pedagogy is based on three essential pillars: «Peer Learning», a methodology that emphasizes peer-to-peer learning and collective intelligence; « Gamification », which relies on a progression similar to that of a video game with access to higher levels for each skill acquired; and finally, « The temporal destreaming », that allows each student to progress at his or her own pace in an autonomous and individualized manner.

Candidates interested in joining the adventure can take the online test (https://candidature.1337.ma) to qualify for the check-in phases and the pools, the final step before entering the school.
▪ Access condition
– Age of access: from 18 years old
– No diploma or academic prerequisites
– Free training for all
▪ Selection process
1. The online test at https://candidature.1337.ma
– Two online tests, open all year, are based on logic and memory
– An email confirming the success or failure of the test is then sent to the applicant
2. The check-in
– Check in is based on a first-come, first-served basis in order to maintain equal opportunities.
A number of places are open throughout the year and communicated through our social
– Candidates must be the fastest to get their places at the check-in through their personal
space, then go to the school on the dates communicated by 1337 for a presentation
session of the school, its methodology and its values before finding a place at the last stage
: “the pool”
3. The pool
– Students who successfully complete the online tests and check-ins are selected for the pool
phases on a first come, first served basis.
– The pool consists of a set of practical tests to be completed within a month without


The new 1337 campus is located in the heart of a rich industrial ecosystem with strong digital transformation challenges. Equipped with 150 positions, 1337 will increase its capacity to 210 positions by 2023, with the ambition of eventually training nearly 650 students.

Tanger Med Group will provide scholarships to students to cover their accommodation costs, boosting the local economy at the same time.

With a constant concern for improving employability, especially for young workers, 1337 will participate in aligning the digital skills required by the job market with the actual availability of these skills in the country’s second largest economic hub.
In an era of accelerated digitalization, the strengthening Moroccan skills in digital technology and the promotion digital entrepreneurship are both a professional opportunity for Moroccan youth and an imperative for national development and competitiveness.