Designed to support the long-term development of passenger traffic and TIR trucks while aiming to ensure their handling in the best conditions of fluidity, comfort and safety, the passenger port of Tanger Med aims to establish a real maritime bridge on the strait, a decisive vector in the dynamics of trade with Europe.
The Tanger Med Passenger port has 8 berths with 8 metre draughts. Its area comprises 35 hectares of earth platform.


The passenger car route benefits from infrastructures allowing the physical separation of vehicle traffic at the entrance and exit areas, so as to double the handling capacity, and to optimise transit times for users in the best conditions in terms of safety and security.

In fact, the control zones at the “Automobile Access” level are equipped with all the services needed by users, embellished with green spaces and benefit from large shaded areas.
A space for the storage of vehicles waiting to access the port has been created to avoid congestion of traffic lanes on busy days. Thus a space of 1.8 ha serving as a port regulation area has been developed, and equipped with the necessary services to the waiting of the passengers in the best and most comfortable conditions.

Checks are carried out from the vehicles. For passengers arriving in Morocco, passport stamping is operated on board.

Access and border inspection area (Morocco exit) including:

  • 34 police booths to process 1,000 vehicles per hour
  • 6 customs control offices for vehicle passengers
  • A 3000 m² covered area dedicated to the search of vehicles
  • A dedicated access to coaches
  • A car park with a capacity of 500 vehicles
  • A covered pedestrian area for the purchase of ticketing, toilets, cafe, prayer room
  • 8 check-in booths for passengers who already have tickets and won’t have to get off of the vehicle as a consequence

The design and organisation of this space ensures a smooth traffic and the limitation of transit time by vehicle. The booths have fiber optic connection. A mobile scanner search area provides non-intrusive control by reducing the passengers’ waiting time.

Access and border inspection area (Morocco entry) including:

  • 16 police checking booths for passenger vehicles allowing the processing of 500 vehicles per hour without the passengers having to get off of their vehicle
  • 5 customs control offices for passengers in their vehicles
  • A 1000 m² covered area dedicated to the search of vehicles, adjoining 900 m² of administrative buildings and fallback areas for customs officers and police officers in charge of control
  • A nursing station and an office dedicated to the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity
  • 5 customs control offices for passengers in their vehicles
  • A dedicated access to coaches.

Pre-boarding area

The pre-boarding areas of the port have recreational areas to improve the comfort of passengers during their transit. These areas are operated by professionals and include cafes, restaurants, duty free shops, a nurse station, children playgrounds and terraces with a view overlooking the entire port.
A service building at pre-boarding areas level, including shipping companies’ offices, Mohammed V Foundation offices, police offices, sanitary blocks, refreshment booths, Royal Gendarmerie offices.