Tanger Med services comprises a cluster of competencies around three key and critical businesses by developing and managing major infrastructure projects.


  • The engineering division, developed around Tanger Med Engineering, brings together more than 50 engineers who work in the design and dimensioning of major infrastructure projects: Port, industrial zones, shipyard, in Morocco and abroad.
  • The Technologies, led by Cires Technologies, focuses on cloud, security and connectivity. Cires realizes projects with a large technological dimension of video surveillance and security port and airport, urban video surveillance, network management and complex sites in terms of connectivity.
  • The water and electricity distribution division, supported by Tanger Med Utilities, aims to complement and perfect the range of services offered within the developed areas and managed by Tanger Med. Tanger Med Utilities provides water and electricity distribution services, network availability, maintenance of lighting systems and services to ships. Equipped with the best professional standards and the best equipment, Tanger Med Utilities also develops innovative solutions related to energy efficiency.