Tanger Med Port Authority of focuses its missions on the management and development of infrastructures, coordination and animation of the port complex and guarantees the reliability and performance of the services provided to clients of the port complex. The aim of the Tanger Med Port Complex is to develop an efficient and truly integrated port platform for complementary transshipment, import-export, value-added logistics, maritime and port services.


The port complex extends over 1000 ha and encompasses:

  • Port Tanger Med 1: consisting of two container terminals, a Railway terminal, a Hydrocarbon terminal, Bulk and miscellaneous terminal, and a Vehicle terminal
  • Port Tanger Med 2: which includes two container terminals
  • Port Tanger Med Passengers: which includes border access and inspection areas, passengers and TIR loading docks, regulatory areas, and the ferry terminal
  • Medhub S.A: Manager of the Logistics Free Zone at Tanger Med Port
  • Tanger Med Port Center


Tanger Med, through several ship-owners, provides regular services serving more than 180 ports and 70 countries on the 5 continents.

The Tanger Med port is for example 10 days from America and 20 days from China. Hub of Africa, it serves nearly 35 ports and 21 countries in West Africa thanks to weekly connections. A maritime bridge between Europe and Africa, Tanger Med port allows a crossing of the strait by ferry in less than 45 minutes.


More than a port, the Tanger Med complex is an integrated logistics and industrial platform, connected to a multimodal transport network (highway and expressway links) for the transport of goods and people to all economic regions of the Kingdom.

The operation of terminals as well as of all port activities is carried out under concession contracts, by operators and renowned worldwide.  Tanger Med port is home to the world’s largest weapons (Maersk, CMA CGM, MSC …) as well as port leaders such as APM TERMINALS and EUROGATE.

Containers terminal 1

Operator: APM Terminals
Investment: 150 MEUR
Traffic: 1.6 million TEU
Operational start: July 2007
Quay length: 800 m

Containers terminal 2

Operator: Eurogate / CMA-CGM
Investment: 150 MEUR
Traffic: 1.4 million TEU
Operational start: August 2008
Quay length: 800 m

Containers terminal 3

Operator: Tanger Alliance
Investment: 240 MEUR
Traffic: 1.4 million TEU
Operational start: January 2021
Quay length: 800 m

Containers terminal 4

Operator: APM Terminals
Investment: 758 MEUR
Traffic: 5 million TEU
Operational start: June 2019
Quay length: 2000 m

Railway terminal

10 ha terminal with 3 lanes of 800 m long

Annual capacity: 400 000 TEU

Connected to the main cities of the kingdom.

Vehicle terminal

Nominal capacity of 1 M vehicles per year

Main customer: Renault from Melloussa and Stellantis from Kénitra (railway connection between the factories and the port)

20 hectares in total, including 7 “common user”

Dedicated to the import / export and transhipment of cars

Oil terminal

15 millions tonnes

12 hectares dedicated to storage, bunkering, transhipment and export of refined products.

Concession granted to a consortium comprising HTL, IPG & Afriquia

Bulk and miscellaneous terminal

5 hectares dedicated to import / export traffic related to the operations of   the industrial companies located in the region.

Processing capacity of 800 000 T of cargo.

Logistics free zone

Extendable land capital of 200 Ha.

Close to the Tanger Med port and single customs zone.

Attractive tax and customs benefits.

Enhances the competitiveness of the port.

Offers added-value to transhipment.

Dedicated to logistics and post-processing activities

Main Shipowners

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