In announcing on July 30, 2002, on the occasion of the Speech from the Throne, the decision to establish a “major structural, port, commercial and industrial complex on the banks of the Strait, east of Tangier”, His Majesty King Mohammed VI committed Morocco to a long-term project, punctuated by the gradual commissioning of the various infrastructures of the complex, opening the way to each new achievement to new perspectives for the development and competitiveness of the Moroccan economy.

Beyond the realization of the port infrastructure, the aim was to build and ultimately manage an integrated project of multiple dimensions, be they economic or territorial. Anchored to the global trade flows, the success of Tanger Med was conditioned from its conception to the ability to set up a project to the standards of its competitors, the major port, industrial and logistics platforms worldwide.

All the prerogatives of TMSA are set by Decree-Law N644-02-2 ° of 2 rajeb 10-1423 September 2002) establishing the special zone of development Tangier Mediterranean. In this framework, the Moroccan State has entrusted TMSA with the following main tasks:


  • All the technical and economic studies relating to the port and the free zones, the preparation of a general scheme for the development of the special development zone
  • Mobilization of the funding needed to implement the Tangiers Med project components
  • Development and operation of the new port and logistics, industrial, commercial and tourist areas
  • Commercial promotion of the port and business areas
  • The concession, where appropriate, of activities in the port and free zones
  • Administration of the public domain of the area
  • The management of the port by carrying out the missions of the Port Authority.