The Tanger Med Foundation for human development consolidates the TMSA Group’s strategy in terms of social responsibility and sustainable development. Created in May 2007, the Foundation supports community-based associative initiatives in the Tangier-Tetouan region. Tanger Med Foundation supports different association related initiatives in the North region of Morocco in partnership with local authorities and government institutions focusing on four main pillars: Education, Healthcare, Professional Training end Social.

Main projects 2018
  • Tanger Med Excellence Award for Education.
  • School Tranport
  • Eco-schools
  • technical High- School



  • Medical campaigns in rural areas
  • Hemodialysis Center
  • Maternity House of Fnideq

Professional Training
  • Transport for the young people of the rural municipalities of Ksar Sghir, Ksar Al Majaz, Melloussa and Jouamaa
  • Training and improving skills Center for womens of Ksar Sghir
  • Proximity Center of Melloussa
  • Women’s Center of Belyounech
  • Construction of a cheese-making unit at Aydada
  • Traditional cheese-making cooperative of Melloussa.