Since its creation and throughout its development, Tanger Med Group has deployed a gradual and an evolving corporate social responsibility approach, in coordination with all stakeholders of its ecosystem and with a permanent concern for environmental protection.

Tanger Med strives to adopt a coherent and multidimensional CSR approach, integrated both in its projects and in its operational approach.

These projects, carried out directly by Tanger Med or through its Foundation, in an approach that is both inclusive and with a strong impact on the territory, are divided into 5 major axis and 9 commitments.

Thus, its actions fit perfectly within the global framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to the influence and positioning of Tanger Med as logistics hub and platform for industrial competitiveness, with an international dimension.

Tanger Med’s CSR approach, structured in five strategic axis broken down into 9 commitments as illustrated in the following diagram: