22 Dec 20



Container activity of Tanger Med Port Complex is expected to exceed the threshold of 5.7 million TEUs* container on December 31st, 2020, representing an increase of + 18% compared to 2019. This performance represents a traffic never reached before by Mediterranean ports.

The level of productivity has also broken records this year; to date, the bar of over 500,000 containers handled per month was exceeded 4 times in 2020 with a new record set during the month of November of 553,164 TEUs containers.

Other forecast port figures were announced during Tanger Med group’s supervisory board held on December 22nd, 2020; regarding the tonnage achieved, Tanger Med should end the year with nearly 80 million tons of handled goods, which represent a growth of + 23% over 2019. The port complex represents by itself nearly half of the entire port tonnage of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Despite the shutdown of some manufacturing activities and the overall slowdown in economic activity, truck traffic remained at the same level compared to 2019 and will end 2020 with nearly 350, 000 trucks unit.

These indicators demonstrate the real resilience of the port complex in face of an epidemiological context that has had a strong impact on international trade. Tanger Med thus reaffirms its commitment along with largest port hubs such as Singapore, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Long Beach etc. to ensure the continuity of global logistics chains.

Once again, Tanger Med testifies the pertinence of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s vision for this strategic project located at the crossroads of the main maritime lines, as well as its driving role serving national economy and world trade.

A more detailed communication of the port report for the year 2020 will be presented in January 2021.