18 Feb 2021

Tanger Med Utilities obtains ISO 9001 version 2015 certification

Tanger Med Utlities (TMU) has just certified its Quality Management System for the scope of » Distribution of electricity and drinking water, sanitation management, waste collection and multi-technical maintenance» by the ISO 9001 standard version 2015 and this after having passed an audit focused on the examination of the processes and procedures implemented. Since its […]

29 Jan 2021


25 Jan 2021

Final figures of port activity at 31/12/2020

TANGER MED HAS BECOME THE FIRST CONTAINER PORT IN THE MEDITERRANEANOVERALL TONNAGE PROCESSED IN PROGESSION OF + 23% The overall tonnage processed in 2020 amounted to 81 million tons of cargo, an increase of +23% compared to 2019. Hence, Tanger Med port alone handles nearly 47% of the total port tonnage of the Kingdom of […]

13 Jan 2021


Une convention de partenariat a été signée, le Mercredi 13 Janvier 2021 à Rabat, par M. Saaïd AMZAZI, Ministre de l’Éducation nationale, de la formation professionnelle, de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche scientifique, et M. Fouad BRINI, Président de la Fondation Tanger Med, portant sur le soutien de l’éducation dans la région du nord […]

22 Dec 2020


TANGER MED WILL EXCEED 5.7 MILLION CONTAINERS AS OF DECEMBER 31st, 2020   Container activity of Tanger Med Port Complex is expected to exceed the threshold of 5.7 million TEUs* container on December 31st, 2020, representing an increase of + 18% compared to 2019. This performance represents a traffic never reached beforec by Mediterranean ports. […]

30 Oct 2020


28 Oct 2020

Partnership agreement between leading Hamburg Port Authority and Tanger Med Port Authority

In an online ceremony on October 27, Hamburg Port Authority and Tanger Med Port Authority signed a Letter of intent to form a partnership. Both Hamburg Port Authority and Tanger Med Port Authority hold strong leadership positions in their respective regions and pursue common goals within the framework of port cooperation – including port management, […]

19 Oct 2020

Tanger Med Industrial Platform ranks 2nd Special Economic Zone in the world

Financial Times’ FDI Intelligence published this week the «FDI Global Free Zones of the Year 2020» ranking the most attractive economic zones in the world. This report compares nearly 100 economic zones based on international benchmarks and measures the adequacy of their value proposition with investors’ expectations.   Tanger Med Zones, located in the North […]

30 Sep 2020

Tanger Med Talks : New directions in value chains: challenges and opportunities for Moroccan exporters

Tanger Med organised on 29 September a High Level Talk in partnership with ASMEX under the theme «New directions in value chains: challenges and opportunities for Moroccan exporters» in the presence of several experts, institutions and export professionals. This virtual meeting is part of a dynamic initiated by Tanger Med with the objective of establishing […]

1 Sep 2020

Tanger Med: 35th container port in the world in 2019

Significant moving up of 11 positions in the international ranking of container ports 1st container transshipment port in the Mediterranean for 2019 Confirmed Leadership in Africa for the 3rd consecutive year Strong commitment from major global liners for Tanger Med as a major logistics hub   Tanger Med makes significant progress in the latest rankings […]