22 Jan 20

Tanger Med has set up a paperless solution for the export process of agribusiness products originally from packaging stations throughout the Kingdom.
From January 2020, the inspection certificate issued by FOODEX and the phytosanitary certificate issued by the ONSSA required for food exports are systematically integrated into Tanger Med Port Community System, and accessible to a database of nearly 5,000 Moroccan exporters throughout the Kingdom.
Thanks to the automated exchange, these documents are also transmitted digitally to the Customs Administration to obtain the customs-boarding voucher through the port.
These new paperless services made by Tanger Med are the result of a partnership with the FOODEX and ONSSA control bodies, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, as well as with the Customs and Indirect Taxes Administration, serving the competitiveness and facilitation of Moroccan agribusiness exports. Tanger Med is thus continuing its commitment in the digitization process for the continuous improvement of its services to customers.
These new services are therefore added to a range of solutions already accessible from Tanger Med Port Community System such as: maritime calls management, digitisation of port passage, traceability of freight units, multi-channel payment, etc…
Tanger Med is Morocco’s leading export port. In 2019, it handled more than 4.8 million TEU containers and 65 million tons of goods. With regard to Ro-Ro traffic, Tanger Med handled more than 350 000 trucks. These exports are mainly related to industrial and agribusiness products.
For food traffic, Tanger Med processed more than 82 630 truck units in 2019.
To facilitate Moroccan exports, Tanger Med has set up a 19 HA infrastructure dedicated to exports that can process more than 2 100 units per day with an export transit time of 2h, and offering a dematerialized management of the export process.